TiVo summer update adds helpful search, management tweaks

TiVo pushes out a service update adding a handful of new features.

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TiVo had a very busy July. First, it teamed up with Comcast to make section editor Matt Elliott miss the Wimbledon final . Next, it announced the rollout of streaming YouTube videos through the boxes . Then, its partnership with Amazon.com evolved to include the eventual ability to buy products from advertisers using your remote.

The fun apparently didn't end with July though, as Friday morning at 2 a.m. EDT TiVo pushed out a sizable service update with six new features.

  • Play or delete an entire folder
  • This'll let you, um, play or delete an entire folder. Particularly good if you've, say, recorded a marathon of your favorite show and want to watch all the episodes back-to-back without the hassle of actually selecting them as you watch.
  • Browse the guide at any time
  • Pressing the program guide no longer takes you out of whatever it is you're watching: live TV, recorded program, or video download.
  • Jump forward in the guide
  • Never understood why this wasn't a feature from day one, but you can now jump forward and back 24 hours to find something in the guide.
  • Find a station in the guide
  • Can't remember where CNN falls in your guide? Now just type in "CNN" and you can pull it up fast with only the call sign.
  • Toggle closed captioning on and off
  • Self-explanatory.
  • Review Thumb ratings
  • Lets you pull up a list of all the programs you've rated.
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