Tiny Darth Vader stars in VW 'Star Wars' ad

Word had leaked about the ad, expected to air during the Super Bowl, but now it's out, and it does a nice job of mixing two well-known brands.

If you're a "Star Wars" fan--and who's not?--you'll want to be one of the first to check out the new Volkwagen ad that's expected to air during this Sunday's Super Bowl .

Thanks to the great mommy blog Tiny Iron Fists, I found the just-posted-on-You Tube ad today. Featuring a pint-size Darth Vader--actually a suburban kid in a Darth Vader suit who is fruitlessly trying to get "the Force" to work for him--the spot at first makes no sense as a VW ad.

But with the twist, it all becomes clear, and makes you laugh too. And given the high-level negotiations that must have taken place in order to mix in the original "Imperial March" music and a Darth Vader outfit, you know that VW and Lucasfilm (and Deutsch LA, the agency that created the spot) worked hard to make sure there was a real payoff to the ad.

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