Time to touch

Does anyone really know which buttons to press to program a timer? Why bother to learn when you can just tap the screen to set it quickly and easily?

A touch-screen timer counting down.
Time, time, time. CDN

Once you adjust to using a touch screen, other technologies can quickly seem clunky and outdated. Why mess around with buttons when it's so much easier to just touch what you want to change? That's the theory behind the TSM2 touch-screen timer and clock from CDN. Touch the screen, follow the prompts, and the timer counts up or down up to 100 hours. You can also stop and restart the timer quickly if you're juggling multiple food prep tasks.

The unit is made from food-safe ABS plastic and housed in a black and stainless steel casing that looks sleek enough to be on display in any kitchen. And it's easy to take it wherever you need it; clip it to your apron, stick it on the fridge, stand it on the counter, or loop it anywhere. Switch from timer to clock and back in sliding mode, and lock the screen to save your settings. Find it online for around $12.

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