Time shows off tablet-size version of Sports Illustrated

Publisher is showing off a digital version of Sports Illustrated as the company gets ready for the Apple tablet. You know, the tablet that Apple doesn't acknowledge exists.

Apple's tablet is all the rage these days. Companies are lining up to pledge support for the tablet even though Apple hasn't acknowledged its existence.

The latest publishing company to throw its hat into the tablet ring is Time Inc. With a concept version in hand, the publisher showed AllThingsD a version of the tablet-size edition of Sports Illustrated.

Time says with some confidence that its digital magazine format will run on "whatever tablet Apple or [anyone] else has up their sleeves." As you might expect, Time is planning to make all of its titles available on the new format.

Time isn't the only company getting ready for the Apple tablet. Conde Nast said in late November that it is preparing a version of Wired for the elusive tablet computer.

New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller is also looking to the tablet. He told staff in October that the tablet is one platform the company needs to be prepared to take advantage of in the future.

It's been widely reported by sites like Gizmodo that Apple has met with newspaper and magazine publishers to discuss content for the tablet, but Apple has remained quiet on the issue.

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