Timbuk2 Pop-Up case fits both iPad and iPad 2

Timbuk2's upcoming Pop-Up case has both the iPad 1 and iPad 2 covered.

The Timbuk2 Pop-Up case, which is designed for both the iPad and iPad 2, is due to ship in July for $39. Timbuk2

With a lot of people buying Apple's magnetic Smart Cover to go along with their new iPad 2's, many iPad accessory case makers are starting to tout the ability of their sleeve-style cases to accommodate the iPad 2 with that Smart Cover left on. The idea, of course, is that when you travel, you'll want a little more protection for your precious Apple tablet, and the sleeve is the perfect way to completely cover your iPad 2.

Timbuk2's upcoming Pop-Up case is kind of a hybrid sleeve/hard case, with a rigid front for added protection, and a faux fur lining on the inside. As its name implies, it's also designed to allow you to prop up your iPad--whichever model you have--and be used as a viewing stand.

Alas, this Timbuk2 case isn't due out until July, but we'd thought we'd give you a sneak peek at it. The Pop-Up will retail for $39 and come in multiple colors.

The Pop-Up can also be used as a viewing stand for your iPad or iPad 2. Timbuk2

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