Tim Wu: Tech law prof and hot pants inspiration

Tim Wu is not merely a tenured law professor at Columbia University. He's now a serious online media phenomenon.

This article in the New York Observer provides a glimpse into the life of the legal superstar, who is credited with being the person to have popularized the term "Network neutrality" long before it was a headline issue in the U.S. Congress.

Wu has co-authored a book titled "Who Controls the Internet?" He writes columns for Slate.com. He's written for CNET News.com. He's appeared on NPR and is writing an article for The New York Times Magazine (following the lead of law-prof-NYT-writer Jeff Rosen). He's been a Supreme Court law clerk but kicks back at the annual Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert.

But what catapults this 34-year old bachelor into the top ranks of Internet stardom is this video called the "Columbia Law Revue" put on by five comely female law students outfitted in tiny black hotpants. The performance begins with voiceovers ("Is Tim asking me whether I want to have his baby?") and ends with a dance number that lets us see what's on the women's derrieres.

The slogan emblazoned on their rears is, of course, "I (heart) Wu."

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