Tickling the ivories in the laptop of luxury

Singulum is a German company that makes ultra-luxury laptops with keyboards made of ivory and solid 24k gold.


If you've never heard of Singulum, it may have something to do with your level of discretionary income. Chances are that most of its customers are independently wealthy.

The German company is a purveyor of ultra-luxury laptops with keyboards made of ivory and solid 24k gold, as well as "quality wood used in rich and elegant violins," according to BornRich. (That wood, by the way, comes from a single solid block.) Its innards look fairly standard, including a 15.4-inch LCD, dual-layer DVD burner, and Core 2 Duo processor.

None of this is at all practical, of course: The gold keys alone probably weigh more than most full laptops, so portabality obviously isn't a priority. No price is given, presumably because each model is handmade and will vary by the customer's requested specs, which are probably limitless. It's just too bad that the company's name sounds like an allergy medicine.


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