Throwable iRobot 110 recon bot gets sensors, manipulator

The FirstLook rover is augmented with tools like a thermal camera and sensors to detect radiation or chemical and biological agents.

iRobot 110 FirstLook
The 110 FirstLook can carry third-party payloads to enhance functionality. iRobot

Robots have become an indispensable part of the modern military arsenal, especially machines that can provide detailed reconnaissance of hazardous areas.

iRobot's 110 FirstLook is essentially a Webcam on treads that's light and sturdy enough to be tossed around, even through windows.

Now it can be equipped with tools such as a manipulator arm and sensors that can detect radiation and other threats.

The remote-controlled robot weighs about 5 pounds, and the optional arm can lift up to 3 pounds with its gripper and extend 12 inches, allowing it to interact with its environment.

Infantry thermal monocular cameras can be quickly installed on the robot to help it move around and find people and vehicles at night.

Meanwhile, sensors can detect chemical and biological agents, as well as radiation in the environment.

The robot can accommodate third-party tools for this, such as the Lightweight Chemical Detector from Smiths Detection, which can sense chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals.

Everything shows up on the FirstLook's game-style remote control unit, which has a 5-inch LCD screen with 800x480 resolution. It can communicate with the droid by radio up to 656 feet by line of sight.

Check out the promo vid below, in which the FirstLook gets thrown through a few windows.

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