Three-key 'Optimus Mini' cuts the cord

The little brother of the "Optimus Maximus" uber-keyboard goes Bluetooth.


Now that the "Optimus Maximus" has been proven to be more than vaporware, interest is bound to rise for other products by Russian creator Art Lebedev--especially for those who want something a tad more affordable than the uber-keyboard, which can cost up to $1,564 for a fully customizable version. If someone just wants a few programmable buttons, for example, maybe something like the "Optimus Mini 3.0" might make a lot more sense.

Like its predecessor, the new version of the Mini will include three customizable OLED buttons (instead of all 113 keys on the high-end Maximus) but will also hook up to the computer through a Bluetooth connection, SlashGear says. Other changes could also be in the offing, according to the design house's blog, though it says the wireless feature will be significant because "a lot of people use Optimus Mini Three to control PowerPoint presentations."

Let's hope that the Mini, having only three programmable keys, means that it will generate commensurately less hype than its big brother.

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