This week in Crave: The watch-out-for-that-bear edition

This week's Crave roundup is more of a public service announcement about the dangers of texting and walking into bears. Yeah, you read right.

Too busy searching your couch for spare change for the $1,300 Resident Evil 6 "Premium Edition" to keep up with Crave this week? It's a cool bundle, for sure, but here's another awesome bundle that you can have for absolutely free! That's right, it's another collection of our favorite stories from Crave.

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• This is why you should never text and walk!

• If this feel-good story about a 9-year-old boy and his homemade cardboard arcade doesn't make you smile, you have a heart of stone.

• Goodbye Canadian penny, hello glow-in-the-dark quarter!

• If anyone gives you grief for playing too many video games, tell them you're studying art.

• Imagine trying to tap out the Konami code on this NES controller.

• Vinyl records say, "We're not going to take it!"

• Tell us about your dream Apple product, and you could win some iPrizes!

• Ever wonder what Daddy Darth Vader is like at home? Wonder no more.

• Crave's Amanda Kooser got sucked into a black hole, but she survived (and got to see some cool pieces of geeky history in the process).

• Careful where you click, Mac users.

• Boeing might be getting into the smartphone biz. Meanwhile, aviation fanatic and longtime CNET cell phone editor Kent German's head might explode.

• Birthdays on Facebook: Like or dislike?

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