This week in Crave: The superhero edition

This week, we flew high in our new cape, took "Star Wars" style to the slopes, and rode a fast train to 2012.

Ramona in cape
Superhero Ramona shows off the design on her new customized cape. Josh Miller/CNET

Too busy learning new pickup lines from robots this week to keep up with Crave? Here's what you missed while you were studying Daniel123's winning ways .

• Is a 311-mph train fast enough for you?

• Never has the world seen a cuter superhero .

• This week's Low Latency : Times change, and so do people.

• Your brand new camera's out of the box. Now what ?

• If you have green hair and flip-flops, you're probably not an Android user .

• For out-of-this-world flair, try pairing a Boba Fett hat with Princess Leia headphone covers .

• See what dominated Google's Zeitgeist in 2011.

• And now that 2011 is just about over, what are your tech-related resolutions for 2012? We want to hear them !

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Leslie Katz, Crave's senior editor, heads up a team that covers the most crushworthy (and wackiest) tech, science, and culture around. As a co-host of the now-retired CNET News Daily Podcast, she was sometimes known to channel Terry Gross and still uses her trained "podcast voice" to bully the speech recognition software on automated customer service lines. E-mail Leslie.


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