This week in Crave: The spaced-out edition

This week we started saving for a space suit, wondered about the journeys of pizzas, and tried to put down our phones. And failed.

Final Frontier Design

Too busy dreaming of a new OS to keep up with Crave? Here's what you missed while you were obsessing with Windows Phone 8, which hits handsets this fall.

• Will Microsoft Surface get its ass kicked by the iPad?

• Hands on with the Windows 8 start screen.

• What's it like to tweet with your eyes?

• Google spills the jellybeans about the Galaxy Nexus.

• Revealed: the secret lives of pizzas in New York.

• The shocking numbers on how addicted we are to our phones. But at least now we can use them to control the lights.

• In case you're weren't following it, here's what you need to know about Windows Phone 8.

• Why we crave new "Star Wars" Lego kits. In a word: Jabba.

• If you've got $50,000 to spare, a robot can crank out sushi bits by the thousands.

• And if you only have $10,000 lying around, buy your own space suit. Spaceship not included.

• Who's the better rapper, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?

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