This week in Crave: The quadrillion dollar edition

This week, we joined a "Gangnam Style" flash mob, repelled water with our bodies, and voted for a video game hero for president.

Too busy being grateful your last phone bill didn't tally to $15 quadrillion to keep up with Crave this week? We've got lots more reasons for you to be grateful right here.

- What do you get when you cross a Sony Aibo with a Samsonite? A Hop suitcase , that's what!

That's some masterful calligraphy, Mr. Calligraphy Robot. Video screenshot by Tim Hornyak/CNET

- "MacGyver robot" uses objects in its environment (and doesn't even have mullet).

- Nor does this calligraphy robot , which can perfectly mimic expert techniques.

- Sunday only at Best buy: $100 off Samsung's Galaxy S3 .

- Spider/wasp showdown from 100 million years ago fossilized in amber .

- Forget Obama and Romney: Vote for a video game president !

- Hydrophobic hijinks: Walk through rain and don't get wet .

- Mysterious shiny Mars object identified (sorry, it's not your lost earring).

- Photo time capsule to last "billions of years" in space (but not quadrillions).

- Low Latency ponders the sad, wimpy half-life of decaying DNA .

- Gotten your "Gangnam Style" fix yet today? You're welcome .

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