This week in Crave: The puzzling edition

This week, we looked at the world through Iron Man stained glass and pondered a Windows 8 upgrade. Also, robots on tightropes!

blood-brain barrier
Can you guess what this is? Dr. Jennifer L. Peters and Dr. Michael R. Taylor

Too busy being peeved about the fourth-generation iPad this week to keep up with Crave? These stories will catch you up -- and lower your blood pressure.

- The blood brain barrier has never looked so beautiful.

- Best home decor ever: Iron Man stained glass windows!

- Ever seen a bipedal robot walk a tightrope? Now you have.

- Robot Hall of Fame: Wall-E, BigDog, Nao, PackBot, come on down!

- A hoodie jacket with built-in goggles: Nope, that's not creepy at all.

- Full bladder? App pinpoints the best time to go mid-movie.

- "Star Wars" and My Little Pony, together at last!

- Puzzling: A "Jenga building" nicknamed for the '80s game of blocks.

- Our Eric Mack's grappling with Windows 8 decisions. What about you?

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