This week in Crave: The mystery-meat edition

It's been a busy week of trying to figure out the contents of the Star Wars burgers and checking out the HP Envy 15. In case you missed them, here are the hottest stories from Crave this week.

Perhaps you've been too busy watching the clouds pass by on your office's luminous ceiling to keep up with Crave. Not to worry, though. The silver lining is that we've rounded up this week's hottest stories all in one place for your viewing pleasure.

The Steve Jobs action figure comes complete with a set of legal troubles. In Icons

• Santa forgot to give out Steve Jobs action figures this year, but maybe it's because he didn't want to be on Apple's naughty list.

• Umm, what exactly is in the Jedi and Dark Vador burgers?

• If you pray to the god of file sharing, it might be time to move to Sweden.

• Behold, the retro-futurist HP Envy 15.

• The PumPing Tap gives plugs the boot when not in use.

• In this week's Low Latency, we go inside Barnes & Noble's head.

• Happy 30th birthday, Commodore 64!

• You need these camera accessories.

• You know what you don't need? A $200 USB cable.

• Cute overload: Boxie the robot.


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