This week in Crave: The joy-riding edition

Getting a lift in a circuit board truck and turning our car into a Tardis made us so happy this week we wagged our robot tail.

Tardis emblem
It's bigger on the inside. Empira

Feeling sad that you can't drive this life-size Lego big rig ? At least you can turn your car into a Tardis or NCC-1701 for $15 or less. And more news to cheer you up:

- No bike lane? No problem. Make your own .

- Will we be seeing two new Nexus tablets before year's end?

- A 625-foot tall Ferris wheel? That's a whole lot of Ferris wheel .

- The Ostrich Pillow is your own personal public-nap tunnel.

- Ready for Facebook friend updates to invade your Caller ID ?

- TSA officer takes traveler's iPad home for permanent screening .

- RoboCop in real life? Researchers are working on it .

- Smile! You're on Candid Camera Van Camera .

- What's a week around these parts without a good torture test ?

- Wag your mind-controlled robot tail if you love Crave!

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