This Tesla coil gun will shock you

Inspired by a graphic novel, one author-turned-mad-scientist creates a steampunk shooter that fires sparks in the name of science.

Forget about those paltry tazers and stun guns. (Click to enlarge.) Rob Flickenger

If electricity pioneer Nikola Tesla designed a weapon, it very well might look like Rob Flickenger's Tesla Gun.

The self-described "mad science" enthusiast dreamed up a Tesla rifle after reading the graphic novel "The Five Fists of Science," which features a cover image of a young Tesla wielding several weapons with a built-in Tesla coil.

Flickenger tapped "Seattle's many hackerspaces" to help design and build the Tesla coil cannon over the course of many months. The high-voltage gun balances seriously dangerous science and an array of everyday electrical components capable of firing off 20,000 volts of hair-raising power with a simple click of a trigger.

Click through our gallery of photos provided by the mad scientist to see the creation of the Tesla gun, which contains complex innards and many custom parts.

For any non-believers, Flickenger also uploaded a video of the spark shooter in action. What would you do with this kind of power?

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