This mouse hides in your PC card slot

Toting a mouse on the road can get frustrating. Full-size desktop mice can feel unwieldy when paired with laptops. Mini-mice can be hard to maneuver. And mice of all sizes can get misplaced and bulge when crammed into computer bags. As for touchpads, well...

MoGo MouseBT
Credit: Newton Peripherals

Newton Peripherals out of West Newton, Mass., has come up with a catchy little solution to all this potential mice muss--a flat, palm-size Bluetooth-enabled mouse that stores and recharges inside a laptop computer's PC slot when not in use. The $69.95 MoGo MouseBT features patent-pending optics, indentations for left and right clicks and a kickstand type of system that levers the mouse up. We can't vouch for ease of use or ergonomic correctness, but we sure like the inventiveness of the product.

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