This mixer scrapes the bowl

Most stand mixers need a little help to scrape the sides of the bowl, but with a BeaterBlade, your mixer can do for itself.


I rely on my stand mixer for everything from bread dough to mashed potatoes. My only disappointment with the machine is the fact that it never seems to mix in any batter on the side of the bowl or any flour at the bottom. I know the mixer's designers didn't want to bump the various metal attachments up against the mixing bowl, but I need something that gets a little closer.

The BeaterBlade does just that, as well as handling more delicate tasks like folding whipped egg whites in a batter for a chiffon or souffle.

Rather than the metal attachments that are the norm for stand mixers, the BeaterBlade is plastic and has flexible wings that wipe the side of the bowl and incorporate all ingredients as you mix.

There are BeaterBlades for a long list of stand mixers: because the attachments are made by a company with no affiliation to a particular mixer, BeaterBlades are made for KitchenAid, Cuisinart, Viking, and DeLonghi stand mixers. It's just a matter of visiting the site and picking the right BeaterBlade for your specific mixer. Depending on the particular model, BeaterBlades vary in price between about $25 and $30.

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