This mirror isn't ashamed to watch TV

Latest in the reflective trend doesn't attempt to hide the tube.


For some unfathomable reason, there are apparently more than a few influential product designers who seem to think people just must have mirrored TVs. They've used reflective surfaces to hide LCDs , combined them with computers , and even made them waterproof .

But all of these have assumed that we want the TV concealed when it's not in use. Obviously, their focus groups have missed an important demographic--those of us who stay glued to the tube 24/7. The true addict would want something like the "Seura Television Mirror," which proudly displays the screen at all times while providing the reflection around it.

For prices starting at $3,000, BornRich says, bathroom aficionados can have the option of a 15- or 20-inch Sharp LCD and a choice of finishes including oak, cherry, and maple. You can even decide whether you want the display to be recessed or surface-mounted. We recommend the latter, for easier cleaning.

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