This Day in Tech: Twitter exposes photo galleries (nudity included); Earthquake shakes the East Coast

Too busy to keep up with the tech news? Here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET for Tuesday, August 23.

Too busy to keep up with the tech news? Here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET for Tuesday, August 23.

• You probably heard about (or felt) the rumble that shook the East Coast. While the earthquake struck Virginia, it was felt in New York and as far as North Carolina. Cell phone service has been disrupted due to a heavy call volume, so many people are turning to Twitter and Facebook to update their loved ones. When in doubt, text message is the best form of communication in an event like this.

• I thought something was new with Twitter today! Yup, it's User Galleries. Twitter exposes photo galleries, nudity and anything else you've shared through Yfrog, Twitpic, and other services. "People all over the world upload images and share their experiences," a Twitter representative said in a statement to CNET, echoing what the company says on its "Media Settings and Best Practices" page. "We hope you will benefit from most of the images others are sharing on Twitter; however, you may unexpectedly see images that you find offensive."

• The next iPhone will probably be able to support several networks around the world. That's all good, but if the iPhone 5 makes its way to Sprint Nextel, this could mean the end of the unlimited data plan. Oh, here's a iPhone 5 rumor roundup.

• Apple was awarded more patents today: Multi-touch and iWork.

• Judge says a warrant is needed for access to historical records of cell phone location data. Read more about this on Ars Technica.

• Facebook is giving users more control, CNET's Elinor Mills reports. That way, users can see who sees what they post and can make it easier to control what other people tag them in.

• What happens when Google+ shuts you down for using a pseudonym? At least you won't lose access to Gmail.

• Ever feel stressed? Well now you can measure it with an app called Stress Checker. Watch me turn my iPhone into a stress gauge.

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