These flowers have fire-extinguishing power

These yellow and pink flowers have remarkable fire-extinguishing properties.

Fire Flower fire extinguishers

If we learned anything from the heaps of press and praise bestowed upon the Home Hero fire extinguisher (which incidentally, doesn't seem to be available for purchase anywhere), it's that people will get excited about a safety product if it's packaged attractively.

Enter Fire Flowers, which look like typical silk flowers, but are made of fire-extinguishing materials. Magnets inside the faux stems let you hang them on the refrigerator or other metal surface in the kitchen. Should an oil or grease fire erupt on your stovetop, just throw the flowers into the pan; the flowers dissolve to create a film that covers the oil and stops the fire.

Check out video of the product in action, complete with Japanese narration. (Of course it's made in Japan!) Those of us in the States can purchase the Fire Flowers for $39 at Japan Trend Shop.

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