Thermador announces updates to wall oven line

The luxury appliance maker's wall oven lineup includes an integrated rotisserie and heavy-duty broiling ability. Additionally, the ovens feature telescoping racks and hinges that prevent slamming.

Sure to be noticed.
Sure to be noticed. Thermador

The oven has long been a fixture in the kitchen. It stands guard over our food, supplying delicious cooked results on demand. However, as dominant in the kitchen as the oven may be, its very ubiquity sometimes makes it easy to take for granted. Unless, of course, the oven is functional, stylish, and packed with features.

Thermador has just officially announced new features for its 2012 lineup of built-in wall ovens. The luxury appliance maker has unveiled new technical and engineering upgrades for both the Professional Series as well as the Masterpiece Series of ovens. People looking for a 12-pound-capacity rotisserie, a 5,000-watt, 12-pass broil element, or a fast 2-hour self-cleaning mode will find an upgraded model to suit their needs.

Additional features include telescoping racks that can hold up to 45 pounds, specially designed hinges that allow for smooth opening and closing of the oven door and a large 4.7-cubic-foot oven capacity. The handsome wall ovens are available in single or double built-in configurations designed for the luxury market. Starting at $2,999 the quality appliances are made to look good while delivering excellent performance -- all without blending into the woodwork.

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