There's an electric car in your future

Electric cars are coming faster than you think. CNET Car Tech posts photos of electric cars expected to come out by 2011.

Nissan EV-02
This Nissan test mule demonstrates an electric powertrain. Nissan

Change tends to come slowly in the automotive industry, but the pace of electric car development has picked up fast. Major automakers are promising electric cars for sale to the public by 2011 and earlier. Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Ford are all moving ahead, forcing other automakers to get on the ball.

Current battery technology makes a range of 100 miles the magic number to hit, so this first batch of modern electric cars may struggle to gain wide acceptance. But as people find the cost of ownership to be far less than their old gas guzzlers, the popularity of these electric cars for commutes and errands around town is sure to increase.

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