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Hannspree offers fun TVs for adults


Hannspree has come out with some interesting televisions in terms of physical design as it continues to change its image.

The company is known for its kitschy televisions for kids. They have everything from toy helicopters to stuffed animals encasing TVs. While the company is still maintaining its children's lines, it's also bringing that sense of whimsy to adults with lines that offer hints at other fantasies.

Hannsvaas cello TV

In addition to the travel Hannslounge 26-inch widescreen LCD HDTV , Hannspree has televisions based on a man's belt, the cello, and even pearls.

The rubber-encased Hannstime.square 12-inch LCD TV comes with hinged speakers that when closed show a clock, thermometer and hygrometer if you fancy yourself a gadget adventurer.


If you've always dreamed of being Yo-Yo Ma, but just never got around to practicing, the cello-inspired Hannsvaas 15-inch LCD in burled wood with a round inward curvature, even has a stand that resembles a bow.

The sleek Hannsvibewhite 32-inch widescreen LCD with integrated HDTV has removable speakers and comes piped in black just like a Chanel suit. It looks like it belongs in the office of a fashion editor.

If you want to get really silly with your decor, the Hanns.A Red 10-inch LCD is an apple that opens up to reveal a TV at its core.

Hanns.A Red

Hannspree did not yet reveal pricing or availability dates, but many of these new televisions are up on its site.

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