The 'Wii Party Station' is our kind of gaming

The drink coolers are key.

We've never been into games all that much, so we've felt a bit left out with all that's going on at E3 this week. Then we saw it--the Nyko "Wii Party Station" (cue the angels' choir).


This heavenly contraption may not save you from the killer zombies of Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles , but it may well help dull the pain from their undead doings. The reason: It has four cupholders that will keep your beers cool, as well as a fan to do the same with your hands, according to Technabob. It's kind of the bad-boy cousin to Nyko's innocent charging station , or a console version of a beer hat. The station even has a built-in bowl for chips and dip, as well as LED score trackers and space to store the Wiimotes.

The $25 accessory is apparently just a prototype at this stage, but we have a feeling that demand will force production once word gets out. After all, it's the perfect antidote to the obnoxiously health-conscious Wii Fit .

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