The way Han Solo would carry his phone

A look at some uber-geeky ways to hold your gear.

Don't worry, I'm packing.

I don't know about you, but sometimes I carry way too much stuff in my pockets. On any given day I'll have a cell phone, an iPod, a memory stick, a pen, my wallet, a pack of gum, and some keys, all taking up space in my pants.

I suppose I could just simplify, or carry a bag around, but the folks at ThinkGeek have another idea. They want us gadget lovers to think about how Han Solo would handle this problem. I reckon he would strap on the Gadget Hip Holster because "whether you're making the Kessel run, or just smuggling some Alliance-branded foodstuffs to some backward moon, you'll need your stuff."

If the Hip Holster doesn't flip your cookie, there's always the Gadget Shoulder Holster. This accessory will leave your pants clutter-free, and you can feel like James Bond, at least for a little bit.

The Hip Holster will cost $59.99, and the shoulder variety will cost $49.99. No word on whether these will help you get a date, but that just leaves more money for bulletproof raincoats, Pac Man belts, and binary ties.

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