The Walking Dead hits Lovefilm, no zombies on Netflix

Zombie TV show The Walking Dead shambles onto Lovefilm today, taking a big bite out of rival Netflix.

Dangling rotting flesh from undead limbs, zombie TV show The Walking Dead shambles onto Lovefilm today, taking a big bite out of rival Netflix.

Starring Brits Andrew "Egg" Lincoln and David Morrissey -- alongside a cast in varying stages of decomposition -- the gripping survival horror show is exclusive to Lovefilm, so won't be walking onto Netflix's UK streaming service any time soon, dead or otherwise.

Series one of the award-winning Walking Dead is available now to stream on Lovefilm Instant, with later episodes to arrive over the next year and a half.

Based on the long-running -- and absolutely amazing -- comic book by Robert Kirkman and British artist Charlie Adlard, the TV show was created by Shawshank Redemption helmer Frank Darabont.

The first series and second series were a bit slow -- until they suddenly get very fast -- but for my money, the show hit its stride in the third series, ratcheting up the nerve-shredding action and tension as the survivors face twin dangers of the undead and the very much alive.

Season three starts on Channel 5 on 29 June. Season four returns in the autumn, on Fox. 

Big shows like The Walking Dead are crucial pawns in the streaming war between Lovefilm and Netflix, along with original programming like Kevin Spacey-starring House of Cards or the new series of Arrested Development.

Is The Walking Dead a brain-scoffing treat or a rotten corpse of a TV show? Which is better: Lovefilm or Netflix? Tell me your thoughts in the comments, or on our Facebook page.


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