The unthinkable happens: Apache gives way to Microsoft's IIS

Apache appears to be losing its lead in the web server market to Microsoft's IIS. Apache still commands a healthy lead, but has been slipping lately....

Apache has always been thought of as untouchable. Long before Linux and other open-source software made inroads on Microsoft's turf, Apache's web server project lobotomized Microsoft's market share (in the web server market).

Today, it appears that some cracks have appeared in Apache's defense, according to this Netcraft survey of 127 million sites:

  • Microsoft continues to increase its web server market share, adding 2.6 million sites in July as Apache lost 991 thousand hostnames;
  • As a result, Windows improved its market share by 1.4% to 34.2%, while Apache slipped by 1.7% to 48.4%.

This should serve as a wake-up call to Apache and, indeed, to open-source projects everywhere: Microsoft isn't sleeping at the wheel.

Market Share for Top Servers Across All Domains August 1995 - August 2007 Netcraft

If Microsoft can compete in web servers, then it can compete anywhere. Time to get back to work. Open source may have been sleeping at the wheel this time....

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