The tribulations of older techies

InformationWeek recently published a provocative cover story about the struggles of older technology professionals. Among its conclusions: retraining isn't as easy a solution to job worries as it's made out to be.

Another finding: "Older workers who are laid off have a tough time finding new jobs, and those that do find work often take a pay cut."

InformationWeek cites familiar factors for the dilemma, such as offshore outsourcing and corporate downsizing. One possible cause ignored by the story, though, is the approval of hundreds of thousands of foreign guest worker visas in recent years. Labor advocates argue companies use the H-1B visa program as a source of cheaper labor.

(Industry leaders reject the claim that H-1Bs amount to a cheap-labor program, defending the visas as a means to ease skilled-labor shortages and give U.S. companies access to international talent as they compete globally.) is interested in hearing the stories of older technology professionals trying to make it in today's job market. If you're willing to share your experience, please e-mail me at:

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