The TL100: Samsung's 12-megapixel credit-card-sized camera

This highly pocketable shooter from Samsung is lean on features beyond its high resolution, but still has the things we expect to see in a camera of its class.


The Samsung TL100 is just a basic ultracompact point-and-shoot with not much going on except its small size. The 12-megapixel camera is just 3.7 inches wide by 2.2 inches high by 0.6 inch deep.

Like any decent point-and-shoot camera in its class, the TL100 has a largish LCD at 2.7 inches and a 3x optical zoom. It also has the shooting options currently in vogue: face, smile, and blink detection, auto scene recognition, and full-resolution ISO settings up to 1600.

It's reasonably priced for the specs, too, and will be available for purchase starting in April 2009.

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