The tempting Bluetooth gadgets of CTIA

A number of sweet Bluetooth gadgets caught our eye at CTIA 2012. Find out what slick new wireless toys tickled our fancy.

Brian Bennett/CNET

Mobile phones weren't the only exciting tech that dazzled me at CTIA this week. Bluetooth gizmos put on a show as well. Here are a few of the devices that piqued my interest whether for having a neat skill, good looks, or for being very well priced.

I love Bluetooth accessories, not just for their gee whiz factor, but because if done right they can really make everyday life more enjoyable. For example, I can't imagine washing dishes or doing other household chores without a trusty set of wireless headphones. The same goes for subway rides or walks around town.

That's why when I saw the $99 Supertooth Melody headphones, my heart skipped a beat. Sure it may look a bit complicated with its various controls and buttons, but to me it looks like a gem.

Another set of Bluetooth headphones that look attractive is the Jay Bird Freedom JF3. At a reasonable $99, the JF3s are tiny, designed to stay put during active workouts, and last for up to six hours on a charge.

Moving over to speakers, I really like the potential of the Supertooth Disco 2. It not only acts as a wireless stereo speaker, but when paired with a second Disco unit will become a cordless system with left and right channels. The speaker that has me fired up, though, is the $79 iSound Twist. It's sculpted with Jawbone Jambox flair but offers similar features such as wireless stereo and speakerphone functions for a lot less. Hopefully I'll get review samples soon to see just how these products measure up.

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