The sous-chef goes digital

The new Media Chef from Belling features 48 preloaded cook-along lessons.

Useful, as well as ornamental. Appliancist

I am a sucker for cool kitchen tech. Sleek and shiny gadgets, digital anything--I see them, and I want them, regardless of whether I need them. So what do I want right now? The new Media Chef from Belling.

This sweet-looking 8-inch screen is a digital cookbook--but it's so much more. It comes with 48 built-in cooking lessons and exclusive content featuring British celebrity chef Brian Turner.

The included remote lets you pause, rewind, and play easily, and when you're not using it as a cookbook, the display makes a stunning calendar, MP3 player, or digital photo frame.

Coming really soon, we hope, and not just to the U.K. Current pricing is slated at around $270.

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