The skinniest scooter on the road

It looks like a Mini Cooper sandwiched between two buses.

If there's a polar opposite to the "Aptera" spaceship car from the future, this might well be it. The "Shoprider Flagship" looks like Mini Cooper that was sandwiched between two buses, but it's really a four-wheeled electric scooter.

This anorexic golf-cart rival has a roof, or canopy, for use in all seasons and weather, as well as removable doors, according to OhGizmo. It even has front and rear suspension, hence the four wheels--which, oddly enough, is one more than the high-tech Aptera has.

Yet the Shoprider Flagship's name alone pretty much ensures its reputation as something more likely for seniors than urban hipsters, not to mention that it's sold at and tops out at 10 miles per hour. (Although you never know.) In any case, we think a better name for it would have been the "Skinny Cooper."

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