The refrigerator: There's an App Magnet for that

Coolest...magnets...ever. Decorate your fridge, cubicle, metal door, or whatever with this awesome collection of iPhone-app magnets. A set of 18 runs just $12.99.

These real-world "apps" will keep the kids' artwork stuck to your fridge! Jailbreak Toys

A refrigerator is not a refrigerator without magnets. And a self-respecting iPhone/iPod Touch owner is not a self-respecting iPhone/iPod Touch owner without a set of Jailbreak Toys App Magnets.

I mean, how awesome are these things! They come in sets of 18 (one for each stock iPhone app, presumably) and sell for the reasonable-to-my-cheapskate-senses price of $12.99.

Shipping will run you another $5 or so, though if you order three sets you can get free shipping by applying coupon code 3forFREE at checkout. My advice: Grab a set for yourself, and stash the other two away for gift items.

I had just enough funds sitting in my PayPal account to cover my must-buy-now impulse. Only now I'm wishing I'd bought two more to stash away for gift items. Dangit.

Speaking of super-cool iPhone-inspired crafts, did you happen to see last week's iPhone stands made of forks and spoons ? Alas, they're still out of stock, so the magnets will have to do for now.


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