The promotional art Matt Groening drew for Apple

(Credit: Apple)

Back in the days before The Simpsons, a younger Matt Groening took some work drawing posters and brochures for Apple's Macs.

Back in 1989, The Simpsons was still yet to appear on our screens, and 35-year-old Matt Groening — who had been working as a professional cartoonist on his original strip Life in Hell — picked up some work from a declining computer company by the name of Apple.

The job? Making computers appear "hip" in a brochure called "Who Needs a Computer Anyway", with his characters from Life in Hell. They featured an appropriately wide-eyed Bongo — the strip's main character's son — who was overburdened with work.

This isn't exactly news; scans of the brochure have been floating around the web for a couple of years now, thanks to The Comics Alliance via Reddit.

Website Vintage Zen, however, has uncovered a couple of pieces we hadn't seen before: a pair of posters.

In 1988, Apple paid Groening a US$6995 LaserWriter printer to produce a poster called "Networking is Hell", featuring characters Akbar and Jeff from the comic strip.

(Credit: Apple)

The second poster, called "Bongo's Dream Dorm", was designed to hang in student accommodation, bearing the tagline, "Macintosh: Part of every student's wildest dream".

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(Credit: Apple)

The Simpsons debuted at the end of 1989, and Groening never had to draw another promotional brochure or poster for another company again.


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