The only 3D tablet for sale is...

We find the only 3D tablet available to purchase a week before CES, which is likely to usher in many more.

Need a 3D tablet now? Check out the Gadmei T863-3D. Brando

Despite the ongoing influx of 3D-capable TVs, cell phones, and other devices over the last several years, one item has been curiously missing from the mix: 3D tablets.

Surprisingly, one of the only retailers selling one widely is Hong-Kong based Brando, a mass maker of consumer electronics accessories. The retailer is offering a Gadmei T863 3D tablet for only $199 that runs Android 2.3 on an 8-inch glasses-free 3D capable lenticular display (1,280x768). It has a single 0.3-megapixel front-facing camera, and support for a wide variety of 2D and 3D photo and video formats.

Before you get all excited, perhaps you should know this budget Wi-Fi tablet only runs a single-core 1GHz Arm Cortex A9 processor (with 512MB of RAM), which is slightly behind the pack of dual-core options out there. However, the 3D tablet does have some other compelling features, like 8GB of built-in storage, speaker/microphone, HDMI output, accelerometer, and a micro SDHC slot.

Competition against the Gadmei is rather slim, but there are other options including the Asus Eee Pad MeMO 3D or LG Optimus Pad 3D . However, obtaining one of those is not exactly easy. There is a strong possibility that several 3D-capable tablets will debut next week at CES.

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