The official WWDC 2010 Bingo card is here

Play along at home! Challenge you friends! Win cash and prizes (OK, we don't have any cash or prizes)!

Matt Hickey/CNET

Here's your obligatory Steve Jobs keynote Bingo card, readers.

I've been to five or six Stevenotes over the years. They're a lot of fun--if you're not there. If you are there (as a journalist at least), you're too concentrated on getting the quotes right, getting the news out, uploading photos, and keeping an eye on your batteries to really enjoy it.

This time, though, I'm going to have fun, as I'm not covering Monday's WWDC keynote live. (Don't worry, we've got Kent and Erica on the job .) I've made up this WWDC Bingo card so I can have even more fun.

Print it out and grab a Sharpie. Follow the announcements as they happen (sadly, Apple doesn't let us live-stream Steve's keynotes) and try to keep up. Winning combos: five squares diagonal, five in a row, or four corners. Don't hold your breath for a blackout, friend-o.

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