The multi-tool clip for hairy situations

An Israeli designer has created a multi-tool that can be worn discreetly in the hair for the lady -- or long-haired gent -- who likes to be prepared for anything.

Monkey Business

We all have that friend -- the one you can always ask for a sticking plaster, safety pin or paracetamol in the event of a small emergency. Asking for a screwdriver to, say, repair a pair of glasses, on the other hand, can be a bit of a crapshoot.

If Swiss Army knives aren't really your thing, or if you just like to have as many tools about your person as humanly possible, there's a solution for those of luscious locks can save you in a pinch: the multi-tool hair-clip.

Created by Israel-based Yaacov Goldberg, with the original idea of holding a yarmulke in place, the stainless steel Leatherdo clips pack in six tools -- seven if you count holding back your hair. A serrated edge on one side allows you to cut things, while the other side has a small, four-centimetre ruler. On the large end, a flat edge works as a screwdriver, and the underside of the clip tapers into an eyeglass screwdriver.

Yaacov Goldberg

Finally, the large end also doubles as a hex wrench and trolley coin for supermarket trolleys. OK, so maybe it won't be performing heavy-duty tasks -- but we can think of a variety of scenarios in which it could be really useful.

And then you'll get to be the person who's handy in a small emergency. You can grab it from the Monkey Business website for $9, and check out a range of uses over on the Leatherdos Facebook page.


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