The metal lunchbox is back

A stainless-steel eco-friendly lunch kit for kids.

And that's lunch. 3rd Stone Design

A few months ago, I got a sample of the Kids Konserve lunch bag , gave it to my daughter, and wrote about it. My other daughter was furious that no company had sent me an eco-friendly lunch box for her to carry. Well, that's still true, but I've at least tracked down another option to write about, even if I can't make my daughter a tester.

The PlanetBox is a funky retro-looking stainless-steel lunch box. It's slightly bento-style in that it separates food into distinct, built-in compartments. Food goes directly into the box, eliminating the need for extra containers and packaging, and the raised lid lets you pile food into your box without smushing it.

You can optionally purchase two containers for storing dips and a carry bag that fits over the whole box. In addition, the box comes with one set of decorative magnets (retro kitty, rocket, and globe are the current choices) for the outside of the box.

By swapping out the magnets for new sets, you have a box that can keep up with your child's changing tastes (tastes! Ha!) and create less waste.

The box is dishwasher safe, lead and BPA-free. A complete set--which includes the box and magnets, two dipping containers, and a carry bag--is currently $56. Pricey, yes, but it's a one-time investment.

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