The Map control panel: an old DST glitch still remains?

The Map control panel: an old DST glitch still remains?

Avariation on previously reported issues with the Daylight Savings Time setting in the Date & Time control panel: several readers report the time in the Map control panel is off by an hour when DST is enabled. This is actually an old problem, covered in TIL file #19776 from 1996. It states: "When the Daylight Savings Time (DST) check box is checked in the Date & Time control panel, by design, the time will advance by 1 hour. Unfortunately, the Map control panel does not recognize this option being checked when the Set button is clicked. As a side effect, the Map control panel incorrectly selects the time zone next to the correct one (1 hour off) and defaults to the city that is alphabetically first in that time zone. This problem should be fixed in a future version of the Map control panel." It goes on to describe some work-arounds. It seems this has not yet been fixed. Based on reader mail I have recently received, this problem (or avariation of it) still crops up in Mac OS 8.x.


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