The Lamp/Lamp looks awesome/awesome

The Lamp/Lamp can turn your light socket into a work of art.

Are you willing to pay $28 for a light bulb?

No? Well, how about this light bulb?

The mind-boggling Lamp/Lamp isn't actually a lamp. It's a cleverly designed 30-watt bulb with two sets of screw threads.

Screw one end into an outlet, and it creates the optical illusion you see in the photo to the left. Turn it on, and watch as houseguests do triple-takes.

Designer Hironao Tsuboi is the brains behind the Lamp/Lamp. If you like it, you'll probably appreciate the other home products Tsuboi designed for

Tsuboi's other designs include an umbrella that doubles as its own stand, a fluorescent light that looks like bamboo, and a glass you won't want to put on a coaster. (Unfortunately, is a Flash-based site, so we can't link directly to those product pages.)

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