The hard drive as a work of art

LaCie outdoes itself with a designer peripheral, of all things.


LaCie is a tech company that understands design and marketing. Even though it's in the business of computer peripherals and components--products that don't exactly scream glamour on their own--it's never shy to apply its creative notions to items as diverse as speakers and USB hubs . But the company may have truly outdone itself with its latest effort, finding beauty in the most unlikely of subjects: an external hard drive.

The "Golden Disk" could easily be sitting in a modern art display somewhere, a "sleek, liquid-inspired device" in a reflective case created by French designer Ora-Ito. The 500GB drive even includes a small amount of real gold, according to Slippery Brick, so it actually lives up to its billing. Which is a lot more than we can say of other claims out there, not to mention those with decidedly inferior designs.


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