The grill that thinks like a flowerpot

The BBQ Bruce Handrail Grill is mounted on a balcony railing. The grill is practical and efficient and saves space by raising the grill off the ground.

Always within reach.
Always within reach. Connox

Most people like to grill; there is something for everybody. Vegetarians can enjoy a wide variety of dishes made over an open flame. For those who limit their diets to lighter animal proteins, fish and chicken are no strangers to the grill. And of course, for the carnivore nothing beats a well-prepared, fire-licked steak. In short, fire makes things taste good no matter what you prefer. But sometimes the available area doesn't want to participate.

The BBQ Bruce Handrail Grill makes space limitations a concern no longer. The rectangular grill mounts directly on a railing and adds a space-efficient flair to any balcony (or at least the ones where the landlord allows such activity). Designed by Henrik Drecker and manufactured by German company Astor Wohnideen, the charcoal grill comes complete with mounting brackets and could even be attached directly to a wall.

Working a grill in a tight space means getting one that is small as possible--for balcony grillers that means short and squat. Raising the grill off the ground and attaching it to a railing not only saves space but also makes the grill more accessible. When not in use, the grill actually doubles as a flowerpot--but with a charcoal grill available right outside the door it's not clear when that time would ever be.

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