The 'ETree': Holiday display for aliens

It'll blow away the neighborhood competition and scare them at the same time.

Nimble Critters

It's a curse of life in the 'burbs: Every year you swear your holiday lights will outshine the rest of the neighborhood, and every year the Joneses humiliate you with something new. No more.

We guarantee that they won't find anything like the "ETree" at Wal-Mart, K-mart, or any other mart in the United States. This bizarre floor lamp, created by designers of U.K.-based Nimble Critters, features 10 branches that can be contorted into whatever shape you wish, according to Technabob.

You'll pay a hefty price for originality, however, as a lamp like the one shown here costs more than $2,000, while a smaller version goes for around $745. But it's a two-fer: Not only will you ace the competition, but you may scare them off for good because they'll think your house has been commandeered by alien cephalopods.

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