The electric pick: More guitar mutilation

Soon there will be nothing left.


Decisions, decisions. As the rivalry between Guitar Hero III and Rock Band continues to heat up, would-be Springsteens everywhere are probably losing sleep over whether to go with a fake Gibson or Fender . But those guitars ordinaire just aren't special enough for some people.

True individualists might, for example, want something like the "Rock Tamashii," which is apparently the latest in a growing trend of guitar parts that are taking the place of full instruments. Technabob accurately describes it as an "oversize guitar pick with a built-in speaker" that plays as you, er, strum it to such classics as "Satisfaction."

Which raises the question: If one were to use one of these and an " Air Guitar Pro " neck at the same time, would the result be spontaneous combustion? Or perhaps a door to a parallel universe? In our opinion, either version--or none at all--still wouldn't be as disturbing as the air guitar T-shirt .

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