The 'Eagle' has landed

CD player is ultimate eye candy.

Art Lebedev Studio

Just for the record, turntables aren't the only types of audio equipment that occasionally resemble heavy machinery. It's just hard to resist singling them out when systems start to approach $1 million.

The latest example of industrial chic is the "Eagle Neo-Retro CD Player," whose prosaic name really doesn't do justice to its unique design. We would expect no less from the site of Art Lebedev Studio, the Russian design house that's been a darling among technophiles for such groundbreaking innovations as its "Optimus" and "Upravlator" keyboards.

The turntable is apparently manufactured by Singapore-based CD specialist Loit, but we're sorry to say that we know nothing else about it at this point other than what we've seen on Luxurylaunches. We just figured the photos alone are enough to activate salivary glands among Crave audiophiles.

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