The downside of Apple lock-in: no matte screens

Seriously, only glossy? That's weak. The bigger issue is that Apple came out with some great new machines that don't provide nearly enough options.

Disclaimer: I am an Apple fanboy.

Why no matte screen?
Why no matte screen? Apple


I got a new MacBook Pro about a month ago but was considering giving it to my father and grabbing one of the new ones when they are in stores tomorrow. However, the lack of matte screen really bums me out. In fact, it's the reason why I won't go buy one for awhile despite liking the new features and form factor.

The glossy screen does present a great image provided you are sitting in a place that allows you to position your machine accordingly. Otherwise it can get really annoying. And for those of us who wear glasses when sitting at our computers, we know that anti-glare lenses only go so far.

The bigger issue is that Apple came out with some great new machines that don't provide nearly enough options.

The glossy-only screen highlights the problems consumers face when one vendor controls everything. At least if there were Apple licensees, someone else could solve that problem. And don't give me the story about after-market screens. That defeats the design of the machine and never works as well.

I've always wondered about the hardware vendors that create multitudes of laptops that all run Windows. Now I wish there were other options for Mac OS.

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Feel free to flame me, but I am not wrong about this.

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