The curse of the crowdfunded lock: Goji delayed until June

Goji's Indiegogo backers will have to wait a little longer for their smart locks to ship.


Citing manufacturing "adjustments," the team behind the Goji smart lock told the backers of their successful Indiegogo campaign today that there would be a three-month shipping delay. The announcement pushes the Goji's expected release date into June, and marks the second such delay for the smart deadbolt. The first came three months ago, and pushed the product's arrival back from December 2013 to March of this year.

Goji CEO Gabriel Bestard-Ribas worked to reassure his backers in an update posted on Indiegogo today. "We are 100% committed to sending you a top-quality product -- the best possible smart lock for the home -- and the team was unanimous that ensuring quality is our top priority.

"We understand this delay is disappointing," the message goes on to say. "We feel the same way ourselves."

Apigy, which crowdfunded over $2 million dollars to make the Lockitron, hasn't shipped all of its units out more than a year later. Apigy

The delay makes Goji the latest in a long line of crowdfunding success stories that have experienced production delays amid an upswell of demand. The most notable in recent memory (or the most notorious, depending on whom you ask) might be Apigy's Lockitron, another product designed to smarten up consumer deadbolts. Despite securing funding through a hugely successful online campaign over a year ago, Apigy still hasn't fulfilled most of Lockitron orders, with numerous delays and setbacks leaving some backers irate.

Whether or not Goji backers will grow impatient remains to be seen. Minor production delays are common in the crowdfunding scene, and most backers will probably be willing to cut a highly anticipated product a little bit of slack -- for now, anyway.


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