The CATable is a workspace designed for your feline friend

Do you have a cat that's constantly wanting your attention while you're busy at work? Here's a table that should keep it distracted while you're earning that paycheck.

Why hello there, human. Ruan Hao/LYCS Architecture

All you fellow cat owners will probably understand how frustrating it can be to get things done when your silly feline buddy wants your undivided attention. Be it for belly rubs or chin scratches, they just won't leave you alone while you're busy with the computer.

Fret not, however, as there's now a solution for this in the form of the CATable. Designed by Hong Kong designer Ruan Hao, the wooden desk features tunnels and cavities for your cat to explore, keeping it distracted while you enjoy some kitty-free typing time.

The CATable was recently exhibited at the Milan Design Week furniture fair, and isn't yet available for purchase, which is the only downside to the whole thing. Perhaps it is time to pick up some carpentry skills as a hobby...

LYCS Architecture

(Via Time)

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